libMesh::ParmetisHelper Class Reference

Pointer-to-implementation class used by ParmetisPartitioner. More...

#include <parmetis_helper.h>

Public Member Functions

 ParmetisHelper ()=default
 ParmetisHelper (const ParmetisHelper &)=default
 ParmetisHelper (ParmetisHelper &&)=default
ParmetisHelperoperator= (const ParmetisHelper &)=default
ParmetisHelperoperator= (ParmetisHelper &&)=default
 ~ParmetisHelper ()=default

Public Attributes

std::vector< Parmetis::idx_t > vtxdist
std::vector< Parmetis::idx_t > xadj
std::vector< Parmetis::idx_t > adjncy
std::vector< dof_id_typepart
std::vector< Parmetis::real_t > tpwgts
std::vector< Parmetis::real_t > ubvec
std::vector< Parmetis::idx_t > options
std::vector< Parmetis::idx_t > vwgt
Parmetis::idx_t wgtflag
Parmetis::idx_t ncon
Parmetis::idx_t numflag
Parmetis::idx_t nparts
Parmetis::idx_t edgecut

Detailed Description

Pointer-to-implementation class used by ParmetisPartitioner.

The ParmetisHelper class allows us to use a 'pimpl' strategy in the ParmetisPartitioner class. Since we don't include the parmetis.h header file here, we don't have to install it, either. This class is empty when Parmetis is not available, otherwise it is simply a data container.

John W. Peterson

Definition at line 54 of file parmetis_helper.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ParmetisHelper() [1/3]

libMesh::ParmetisHelper::ParmetisHelper ( )

Defaulted constructors, assignment operators, and destructor.

◆ ParmetisHelper() [2/3]

libMesh::ParmetisHelper::ParmetisHelper ( const ParmetisHelper )

◆ ParmetisHelper() [3/3]

libMesh::ParmetisHelper::ParmetisHelper ( ParmetisHelper &&  )

◆ ~ParmetisHelper()

libMesh::ParmetisHelper::~ParmetisHelper ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ operator=() [1/2]

ParmetisHelper& libMesh::ParmetisHelper::operator= ( const ParmetisHelper )

◆ operator=() [2/2]

ParmetisHelper& libMesh::ParmetisHelper::operator= ( ParmetisHelper &&  )

Member Data Documentation

◆ adjncy

std::vector<Parmetis::idx_t> libMesh::ParmetisHelper::adjncy

Definition at line 75 of file parmetis_helper.h.

◆ edgecut

Parmetis::idx_t libMesh::ParmetisHelper::edgecut

Definition at line 95 of file parmetis_helper.h.

◆ ncon

Parmetis::idx_t libMesh::ParmetisHelper::ncon

Definition at line 92 of file parmetis_helper.h.

◆ nparts

Parmetis::idx_t libMesh::ParmetisHelper::nparts

Definition at line 94 of file parmetis_helper.h.

◆ numflag

Parmetis::idx_t libMesh::ParmetisHelper::numflag

Definition at line 93 of file parmetis_helper.h.

◆ options

std::vector<Parmetis::idx_t> libMesh::ParmetisHelper::options

Definition at line 88 of file parmetis_helper.h.

◆ part

std::vector<dof_id_type> libMesh::ParmetisHelper::part

Definition at line 79 of file parmetis_helper.h.

◆ tpwgts

std::vector<Parmetis::real_t> libMesh::ParmetisHelper::tpwgts

Definition at line 84 of file parmetis_helper.h.

◆ ubvec

std::vector<Parmetis::real_t> libMesh::ParmetisHelper::ubvec

Definition at line 87 of file parmetis_helper.h.

◆ vtxdist

std::vector<Parmetis::idx_t> libMesh::ParmetisHelper::vtxdist

Data structures used by ParMETIS to describe the connectivity graph of the mesh. Consult the ParMETIS documentation.

Definition at line 73 of file parmetis_helper.h.

◆ vwgt

std::vector<Parmetis::idx_t> libMesh::ParmetisHelper::vwgt

Definition at line 89 of file parmetis_helper.h.

◆ wgtflag

Parmetis::idx_t libMesh::ParmetisHelper::wgtflag

Definition at line 91 of file parmetis_helper.h.

◆ xadj

std::vector<Parmetis::idx_t> libMesh::ParmetisHelper::xadj

Definition at line 74 of file parmetis_helper.h.

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