Supporting libMesh

If libMesh has been useful in your work please consider supporting its future development.

The original development team was heavily influenced by Professor Graham F. Carey, professor of aerospace engineering and engineering mechanics at The University of Texas at Austin, director of the ICES Computational Fluid Dynamics Laboratory, and holder of the Richard B. Curran Chair in Engineering.

Many of the technologies employed in libMesh were implemented because Dr. Carey taught them to us, we went back to the lab, and immediately began coding. In a very real way, he was ultimately responsible for this library that we hope you have found useful, despite his continued insistence that "no one ever got a PhD from here for writing a code."

Dr. Carey passed away on Friday, September 16, 2011 at the age of 66. We hope that if you have found this library useful in your work you would consider a donation to The Graham F. Carey Computational Science Scholarship to help train the next generation of libMesh developers.