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Base class for all PeriodicBoundary implementations. More...

#include <periodic_boundary_base.h>

Inheritance diagram for libMesh::PeriodicBoundaryBase:

Public Types

enum  TransformationType { FORWARD =0, INVERSE =1 }

Public Member Functions

 PeriodicBoundaryBase ()
 PeriodicBoundaryBase (const PeriodicBoundaryBase &other)
virtual ~PeriodicBoundaryBase ()
virtual Point get_corresponding_pos (const Point &pt) const =0
virtual std::unique_ptr< PeriodicBoundaryBaseclone (TransformationType t=FORWARD) const =0
void set_variable (unsigned int var)
void merge (const PeriodicBoundaryBase &pb)
bool is_my_variable (unsigned int var_num) const

Public Attributes

boundary_id_type myboundary
boundary_id_type pairedboundary

Protected Attributes

std::set< unsigned int > variables

Detailed Description

Base class for all PeriodicBoundary implementations.

The base class for defining periodic boundaries.

Roy Stogner

Definition at line 48 of file periodic_boundary_base.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

libMesh::PeriodicBoundaryBase::PeriodicBoundaryBase ( )


Definition at line 29 of file periodic_boundary_base.C.

libMesh::PeriodicBoundaryBase::PeriodicBoundaryBase ( const PeriodicBoundaryBase other)

Copy constructor

Definition at line 37 of file periodic_boundary_base.C.

37  :
38  myboundary(o.myboundary),
39  pairedboundary(o.pairedboundary),
40  variables(o.variables)
41 {
42 }
std::set< unsigned int > variables
virtual libMesh::PeriodicBoundaryBase::~PeriodicBoundaryBase ( )


Definition at line 73 of file periodic_boundary_base.h.

References clone(), FORWARD, get_corresponding_pos(), is_my_variable(), merge(), and set_variable().

73 {}

Member Function Documentation

virtual std::unique_ptr<PeriodicBoundaryBase> libMesh::PeriodicBoundaryBase::clone ( TransformationType  t = FORWARD) const
pure virtual

If we want the DofMap to be able to make copies of references and store them in the underlying map, this class must be clone'able, i.e. have a kind of virtual construction mechanism. The user can also pass a flag to enable an 'inverse transformation' to be cloned from a forward transformation. The simplest way to implement a clone function like this is in terms of a copy constructor, see periodic_boundary.h.

Not every transformation needs to provide an automatic way to clone an inverse: you can simply add a pair of PeriodicBoundaryBase objects using the appropriate DofMap interface instead.

Implemented in libMesh::PeriodicBoundary.

Referenced by libMesh::DofMap::add_periodic_boundary(), and ~PeriodicBoundaryBase().

virtual Point libMesh::PeriodicBoundaryBase::get_corresponding_pos ( const Point pt) const
pure virtual

This function should be overridden by derived classes to define how one finds corresponding nodes on the periodic boundary pair.

Implemented in libMesh::PeriodicBoundary.

Referenced by libMesh::FEGenericBase< OutputType >::compute_periodic_constraints(), libMesh::FEAbstract::compute_periodic_node_constraints(), libMesh::PeriodicBoundaries::neighbor(), and ~PeriodicBoundaryBase().

bool libMesh::PeriodicBoundaryBase::is_my_variable ( unsigned int  var_num) const

Definition at line 60 of file periodic_boundary_base.C.

References variables.

Referenced by libMesh::FEGenericBase< OutputType >::compute_periodic_constraints(), and ~PeriodicBoundaryBase().

61 {
62  bool a = variables.empty() || (!variables.empty() && variables.find(var_num) != variables.end());
63  return a;
64 }
std::set< unsigned int > variables
void libMesh::PeriodicBoundaryBase::merge ( const PeriodicBoundaryBase pb)

Definition at line 53 of file periodic_boundary_base.C.

References variables.

Referenced by libMesh::DofMap::add_periodic_boundary(), and ~PeriodicBoundaryBase().

54 {
55  variables.insert(pb.variables.begin(), pb.variables.end());
56 }
std::set< unsigned int > variables
void libMesh::PeriodicBoundaryBase::set_variable ( unsigned int  var)

Definition at line 46 of file periodic_boundary_base.C.

References variables.

Referenced by ~PeriodicBoundaryBase().

47 {
48  variables.insert(var);
49 }
std::set< unsigned int > variables

Member Data Documentation

boundary_id_type libMesh::PeriodicBoundaryBase::myboundary

The boundary ID of this boundary and its counterpart

Definition at line 58 of file periodic_boundary_base.h.

Referenced by libMesh::DofMap::add_periodic_boundary(), and libMesh::PeriodicBoundary::PeriodicBoundary().

std::set<unsigned int> libMesh::PeriodicBoundaryBase::variables

Set of variables for this periodic boundary, empty means all variables possible

Definition at line 109 of file periodic_boundary_base.h.

Referenced by is_my_variable(), merge(), and set_variable().

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