libMesh::MeshBase::const_element_iterator Struct Reference

#include <mesh_base.h>

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Public Member Functions

template<typename PredType , typename IterType >
 const_element_iterator (const IterType &d, const IterType &e, const PredType &p)
 const_element_iterator (const MeshBase::element_iterator &rhs)

Detailed Description

The definition of the const_element_iterator struct. It is similar to the regular iterator above, but also provides an additional conversion-to-const ctor.

Definition at line 1527 of file mesh_base.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

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template<typename PredType , typename IterType >
libMesh::MeshBase::const_element_iterator::const_element_iterator ( const IterType &  d,
const IterType &  e,
const PredType &  p 

Templated forwarding ctor – forwards to appropriate variant_filter_iterator ctor.

Definition at line 1537 of file mesh_base.h.

1539  :
1540  variant_filter_iterator<MeshBase::Predicate, Elem * const, Elem * const &, Elem * const *>(d,e,p) {}

◆ const_element_iterator() [2/2]

libMesh::MeshBase::const_element_iterator::const_element_iterator ( const MeshBase::element_iterator rhs)

The conversion-to-const ctor. Takes a regular iterator and calls the appropriate variant_filter_iterator copy constructor.

This one is not templated!

Definition at line 1548 of file mesh_base.h.

1548  :
1549  variant_filter_iterator<Predicate, Elem * const, Elem * const &, Elem * const *>(rhs) {}

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