libMesh::GmshIO::ElementMaps Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

void add_def (const ElementDefinition &eledef)

Public Attributes

std::map< ElemType, ElementDefinitionout
std::map< unsigned int, ElementDefinitionin

Detailed Description

struct which holds a map from Gmsh to libMesh element numberings and vice-versa.

Definition at line 176 of file gmsh_io.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ add_def()

void libMesh::GmshIO::ElementMaps::add_def ( const ElementDefinition eledef)

Definition at line 179 of file gmsh_io.h.

References libMesh::GmshIO::ElementDefinition::gmsh_type, in, out, and libMesh::GmshIO::ElementDefinition::type.

Referenced by libMesh::GmshIO::build_element_maps().

180  {
181  out.insert(std::make_pair(eledef.type, eledef));
182  in.insert(std::make_pair(eledef.gmsh_type, eledef));
183  }
std::map< unsigned int, ElementDefinition > in
Definition: gmsh_io.h:186
std::map< ElemType, ElementDefinition > out
Definition: gmsh_io.h:185

Member Data Documentation

◆ in

std::map<unsigned int, ElementDefinition> libMesh::GmshIO::ElementMaps::in

◆ out

std::map<ElemType, ElementDefinition> libMesh::GmshIO::ElementMaps::out

Definition at line 185 of file gmsh_io.h.

Referenced by add_def(), and libMesh::GmshIO::write_mesh().

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