libMesh::MeshTools::Private Namespace Reference


void globally_renumber_nodes_and_elements (MeshBase &)

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void libMesh::MeshTools::Private::globally_renumber_nodes_and_elements ( MeshBase mesh)

There is no reason for a user to ever call this function.

This function determines partition-agnostic global indices for all nodes and elements in the mesh.

After this function is called, the mesh will likely be in an inconsistent state, i.e. mesh.nodes(i)->id() != i in the nodes container. Direct node/element access via the mesh.node(n) or mesh.elem(e) functions will likely fail. The original numbering can (and should) be restored with a subsequent call to fix_node_and_element_numbering().

Definition at line 2424 of file mesh_tools.C.

References libMesh::MeshCommunication::assign_global_indices(), and mesh.

Referenced by libMesh::EquationSystems::_read_impl(), and libMesh::EquationSystems::write().