libMesh::RBTemporalDiscretization Class Reference

Encapsulates the details of the generalized Euler discretization. More...

#include <rb_temporal_discretization.h>

Inheritance diagram for libMesh::RBTemporalDiscretization:

Public Member Functions

 RBTemporalDiscretization ()
Real get_delta_t () const
void set_delta_t (const Real delta_t_in)
Real get_euler_theta () const
void set_euler_theta (const Real euler_theta_in)
unsigned int get_time_step () const
void set_time_step (const unsigned int k)
unsigned int get_n_time_steps () const
void set_n_time_steps (const unsigned int K)
Real get_control (const unsigned int k) const
void set_control (const std::vector< Real > &control)
void process_temporal_parameters_file (const std::string &parameters_filename)
void pull_temporal_discretization_data (RBTemporalDiscretization &other)

Private Attributes

Real _delta_t
Real _euler_theta
unsigned int _current_time_step
unsigned int _n_time_steps
std::vector< Real_control

Detailed Description

Encapsulates the details of the generalized Euler discretization.

Define a class that encapsulates the details of a "generalized Euler" temporal discretization to be used in the rbOOmit framework.

David Knezevic

Definition at line 40 of file rb_temporal_discretization.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

libMesh::RBTemporalDiscretization::RBTemporalDiscretization ( )


Member Function Documentation

Real libMesh::RBTemporalDiscretization::get_control ( const unsigned int  k) const

Get/set the RHS control.

Real libMesh::RBTemporalDiscretization::get_delta_t ( ) const

Get/set delta_t, the time-step size.

Real libMesh::RBTemporalDiscretization::get_euler_theta ( ) const

Get/set euler_theta, parameter that determines the temporal discretization.

unsigned int libMesh::RBTemporalDiscretization::get_n_time_steps ( ) const

Get/set the total number of time-steps.

unsigned int libMesh::RBTemporalDiscretization::get_time_step ( ) const

Get/set the current time-step.

void libMesh::RBTemporalDiscretization::process_temporal_parameters_file ( const std::string &  parameters_filename)

Read in and initialize parameters from parameters_filename.

void libMesh::RBTemporalDiscretization::pull_temporal_discretization_data ( RBTemporalDiscretization other)

Pull the temporal discretization data from other.

void libMesh::RBTemporalDiscretization::set_control ( const std::vector< Real > &  control)
void libMesh::RBTemporalDiscretization::set_delta_t ( const Real  delta_t_in)
void libMesh::RBTemporalDiscretization::set_euler_theta ( const Real  euler_theta_in)
void libMesh::RBTemporalDiscretization::set_n_time_steps ( const unsigned int  K)
void libMesh::RBTemporalDiscretization::set_time_step ( const unsigned int  k)

Member Data Documentation

std::vector<Real> libMesh::RBTemporalDiscretization::_control

The RHS control (scalar function of time). A function h(t) that is used in the RHS as h(t)*f(x, $ \mu $). See Martin Grepl's thesis

Definition at line 121 of file rb_temporal_discretization.h.

unsigned int libMesh::RBTemporalDiscretization::_current_time_step

The current time-step.

Definition at line 109 of file rb_temporal_discretization.h.

Real libMesh::RBTemporalDiscretization::_delta_t

The time-step size.

Definition at line 95 of file rb_temporal_discretization.h.

Real libMesh::RBTemporalDiscretization::_euler_theta

The parameter that determines the generalized Euler scheme discretization that we employ. euler_theta = 0 —> Forward Euler euler_theta = 0.5 —> Crank-Nicolson euler_theta = 1 —> Backward Euler

Definition at line 104 of file rb_temporal_discretization.h.

unsigned int libMesh::RBTemporalDiscretization::_n_time_steps

The number of time-steps.

Definition at line 114 of file rb_temporal_discretization.h.

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