libMesh::DTKAdapter Class Reference

#include <dtk_adapter.h>

Public Types

typedef DataTransferKit::MeshContainer< int > MeshContainerType
typedef DataTransferKit::FieldContainer< double > FieldContainerType
typedef DataTransferKit::MeshTraits< MeshContainerType >::global_ordinal_type GlobalOrdinal
typedef DataTransferKit::FieldEvaluator< GlobalOrdinal, FieldContainerTypeEvaluatorType
typedef Teuchos::RCP< EvaluatorTypeRCP_Evaluator

Public Member Functions

 DTKAdapter (Teuchos::RCP< const Teuchos::Comm< int >> in_comm, EquationSystems &in_es)
Teuchos::RCP< DataTransferKit::MeshManager< MeshContainerType > > get_mesh_manager ()
RCP_Evaluator get_variable_evaluator (std::string var_name)
Teuchos::RCP< DataTransferKit::FieldManager< MeshContainerType > > get_target_coords ()
Teuchos::RCP< DataTransferKit::FieldManager< FieldContainerType > > get_values_to_fill (std::string var_name)
void update_variable_values (std::string var_name)

Protected Member Functions

Systemfind_sys (std::string var_name)
DataTransferKit::DTK_ElementTopology get_element_topology (const Elem *elem)
void get_semi_local_nodes (std::set< unsigned int > &semi_local_nodes)

Protected Attributes

Teuchos::RCP< const Teuchos::Comm< int > > comm
const MeshBasemesh
unsigned int dim
unsigned int num_local_nodes
Teuchos::ArrayRCP< int > vertices
Teuchos::RCP< DataTransferKit::MeshManager< MeshContainerType > > mesh_manager
RCP_Evaluator field_evaluator
Teuchos::RCP< DataTransferKit::FieldManager< MeshContainerType > > target_coords
std::map< std::string, Teuchos::RCP< DataTransferKit::FieldManager< FieldContainerType > > > values_to_fill
 Map of variable names to arrays to be filled by a transfer. More...
std::map< std::string, RCP_Evaluatorevaluators
 Map of variable names to RCP_Evaluator objects. More...

Detailed Description

The DTKAdapter is used with the DTKSolutionTransfer object to adapt libmesh data to the DTK interface.

Derek Gaston

Definition at line 52 of file dtk_adapter.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef DataTransferKit::FieldEvaluator<GlobalOrdinal,FieldContainerType> libMesh::DTKAdapter::EvaluatorType

Definition at line 60 of file dtk_adapter.h.

typedef DataTransferKit::FieldContainer<double> libMesh::DTKAdapter::FieldContainerType

Definition at line 58 of file dtk_adapter.h.

typedef DataTransferKit::MeshTraits<MeshContainerType>::global_ordinal_type libMesh::DTKAdapter::GlobalOrdinal

Definition at line 59 of file dtk_adapter.h.

typedef DataTransferKit::MeshContainer<int> libMesh::DTKAdapter::MeshContainerType

Definition at line 57 of file dtk_adapter.h.

Definition at line 61 of file dtk_adapter.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

libMesh::DTKAdapter::DTKAdapter ( Teuchos::RCP< const Teuchos::Comm< int >>  in_comm,
EquationSystems in_es 

Member Function Documentation

System* libMesh::DTKAdapter::find_sys ( std::string  var_name)

Small helper function for finding the system containing the variable.

This implies that variable names are unique across all systems!

Referenced by get_target_coords().

DataTransferKit::DTK_ElementTopology libMesh::DTKAdapter::get_element_topology ( const Elem elem)
The DTK ElementTopology for a given Elem.

Referenced by get_target_coords().

Teuchos::RCP<DataTransferKit::MeshManager<MeshContainerType> > libMesh::DTKAdapter::get_mesh_manager ( )

Definition at line 64 of file dtk_adapter.h.

References get_variable_evaluator(), and mesh_manager.

64 { return mesh_manager; }
Teuchos::RCP< DataTransferKit::MeshManager< MeshContainerType > > mesh_manager
Definition: dtk_adapter.h:102
void libMesh::DTKAdapter::get_semi_local_nodes ( std::set< unsigned int > &  semi_local_nodes)

Helper function that fills the std::set with all of the node numbers of nodes connected to local elements.

Referenced by get_target_coords().

Teuchos::RCP<DataTransferKit::FieldManager<MeshContainerType> > libMesh::DTKAdapter::get_target_coords ( )

Definition at line 66 of file dtk_adapter.h.

References find_sys(), get_element_topology(), get_semi_local_nodes(), get_values_to_fill(), target_coords, and update_variable_values().

66 { return target_coords; }
Teuchos::RCP< DataTransferKit::FieldManager< MeshContainerType > > target_coords
Definition: dtk_adapter.h:104
Teuchos::RCP<DataTransferKit::FieldManager<FieldContainerType> > libMesh::DTKAdapter::get_values_to_fill ( std::string  var_name)

Referenced by get_target_coords().

RCP_Evaluator libMesh::DTKAdapter::get_variable_evaluator ( std::string  var_name)

Referenced by get_mesh_manager().

void libMesh::DTKAdapter::update_variable_values ( std::string  var_name)

After computing values for a variable in this EquationSystems we need to take those values and put them in the actual solution vector.

Referenced by get_target_coords().

Member Data Documentation

Teuchos::RCP<const Teuchos::Comm<int> > libMesh::DTKAdapter::comm

Definition at line 94 of file dtk_adapter.h.

unsigned int libMesh::DTKAdapter::dim

Definition at line 97 of file dtk_adapter.h.

EquationSystems& libMesh::DTKAdapter::es

Definition at line 95 of file dtk_adapter.h.

std::map<std::string, RCP_Evaluator> libMesh::DTKAdapter::evaluators

Map of variable names to RCP_Evaluator objects.

Definition at line 110 of file dtk_adapter.h.

RCP_Evaluator libMesh::DTKAdapter::field_evaluator

Definition at line 103 of file dtk_adapter.h.

const MeshBase& libMesh::DTKAdapter::mesh

Definition at line 96 of file dtk_adapter.h.

Teuchos::RCP<DataTransferKit::MeshManager<MeshContainerType> > libMesh::DTKAdapter::mesh_manager

Definition at line 102 of file dtk_adapter.h.

Referenced by get_mesh_manager().

unsigned int libMesh::DTKAdapter::num_local_nodes

Definition at line 99 of file dtk_adapter.h.

Teuchos::RCP<DataTransferKit::FieldManager<MeshContainerType> > libMesh::DTKAdapter::target_coords

Definition at line 104 of file dtk_adapter.h.

Referenced by get_target_coords().

std::map<std::string, Teuchos::RCP<DataTransferKit::FieldManager<FieldContainerType> > > libMesh::DTKAdapter::values_to_fill

Map of variable names to arrays to be filled by a transfer.

Definition at line 107 of file dtk_adapter.h.

Teuchos::ArrayRCP<int> libMesh::DTKAdapter::vertices

Definition at line 100 of file dtk_adapter.h.

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