dof_map.h File Reference

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class  libMesh::DenseVectorBase< T >
class  libMesh::DenseVector< T >
class  libMesh::DenseMatrix< T >
 A matrix object used for finite element assembly and numerics. More...
class  libMesh::SparseMatrix< T >
class  libMesh::NumericVector< T >
 Provides a uniform interface to vector storage schemes for different linear algebra libraries. More...
class  libMesh::DofConstraints
class  libMesh::DofConstraintValueMap
class  libMesh::AdjointDofConstraintValues
class  libMesh::NodeConstraints
class  libMesh::DofMap
 Manages the degrees of freedom (DOFs) in a simulation. More...
class  libMesh::DofMap::AugmentSparsityPattern
class  libMesh::DofMap::AugmentSendList




typedef std::map< dof_id_type, Real, std::less< dof_id_type >, Threads::scalable_allocator< std::pair< const dof_id_type, Real > > > libMesh::DofConstraintRow
typedef std::map< const Node *, Real, std::less< const Node * >, Threads::scalable_allocator< std::pair< const Node *const, Real > > > libMesh::NodeConstraintRow